The Children Who Built Victorian Britain- BBC

Some exciting news about an animation I worked on being broadcast on television next week!

Last year Newport animation students got the chance to pitch an idea to the BBC for animated segments for part of their documentary about the role of children in the industrial revolution, The Children Who Built Victorian Britain. I ended up getting the chance to make an animation with Kate Broadhurst about Will Thorne, who as a child worked in a brick yard (but later rose to become an MP) based on a testimonial he wrote about his time working at the brick and tile works.  Several other Newport students and recent grads also made animations for the programme, all of which are in different distinct styles. It’s a really interesting programme, and was an amazing experience. We all got a lot out of it, and I’m definitely very excited about the prospect of seeing our work on the television.

It’s going to be broadcast at 9pm on Tuesday 1st February on BBC4, and some of the animations are already up to look at on the BBC4 programme page here.


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