Some festivals :)

After finishing Jackie and Kevin 1977 in May this year, I’ve started sending it out to some film and animation festivals, which is kind of scary but very exciting.

This month I found out it is going to be screened in competition at both Encounters International Film Festival in Bristol, and Up-And-Coming International Film Festival Hannover. I am super excited about Encounters as it’s a pretty big deal and also I am moving to Bristol soon so hopefully I will get to see a lot!

At Up-And-Coming, I get to present my film and have a Q&A with the audience, which might make me die of fear but hopefully will be a really great experience. I’m really looking forward to seeing how other people, beyond just my classmates, friends and family, react to the film. Hopefully it will be well! I’m also looking forward to getting my first chance ever to use my extensive vocabulary of useless German words that has mysteriously stuck with me since year 9. I will get taschenrechner into a conversation.


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