I was recently commissioned by Jotta (along with several other artists) to make a short, looped animation for projection onto a huge 10ft wide wall of water at Latitude festival. Because it’s a loop, the piece I made is only roughly 10 seconds of animation, however since I cleverly decided to animate every frame with coloured pencils, in many colours, it was quite labour intensive nonetheless. The design of the lady in the film I have to thank Emil Nolde for- she is based on a study I did in coloured pencil from a painting of his hanging at the Art Institute of Chicago. I’d wanted to incorporate it into moving image ever since I first drew it, and I am quite proud of the end result.

Here is the animation itself:

And here is a video where you can see the film, and some of the others, as they are being projected. Mine starts from about 0.54:



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